Educate, organize and win



Never forget posters July and August 

Six bargaining units get contract extensions

Monday Memo July 18,2016

June 2016 update

CHAMP program update

Fall 2016 CEUI In Service Courses now available for members to review and select 

Labor sends a message to Connecticut’s Democrats

Layoff update May 20,2016

Trauma of job loss often includes health problems

CT Mirror creates hospital data base

2016-2017 Ct state budget documents-some released but not all 

Budget and layoff update may 6,2016

                                              stunned democrats working on budget without malloy 

Republicans join Malloy in closing 2017 budget deficit

CEUI SEIU Local 511 sends legislators a message

unions protest layoffs

layoffs begin

where does the budget crisis come from? 

700 rally at  capitol over concessions and program cuts 

Macdermid chemical to add jobs in Waterbury-what does this say about “high taxes” and job creation? 

California raises minimum wage to $15 per hour 

CEUI SEIU Local 511 stewards holding “share the wealth” bucks in solidarity with UFCW Stop and Shop workers 

March 22-Make legislators accountable info on April 4,2016 in Hartford 

What is new March 21,2016

What is the  SEBAC update on March 18,2016?

SEBAC letter March 18,2016

What’s new on March 18,2016 on the website? 

GOP offers cuts and furloughs to close deficit

President’s Message

March 2,2016 website updates 

March 3,2016 west virginia right to work 

March 14,2016 connecticut job growth cut in half 

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