Anthem and Hartford Healthcare have reached an agreement.

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Important update on the Anthem vs Hartford Healthcare Dispute

  • This problem impacts all Anthem subscribers who use Hartford Healthcare facilities
  • The parties continue to talk, however there has been no settlement to date
  • It has nothing to do with State employee benefits being changed. It is a dispute between the parties (Anthem and Hartford Healthcare) that is causing the disruption
  • The following link will bring you to a statement from Anthem:

Most important:

  • Do not assume your doctor or hospital is in or out of network – VERIFY their status by calling 1-800-922-2232
  • You will get a live Anthem representative to answer your questions (have your Anthem subscriber number ready)
  • Reminder: POE plans have NO out of network benefits, and POS plans pay 80% plus a deductible

We will update our members as soon as information becomes available.

In solidarity,

Ron McLellan

Brothers and Sisters:

With the hurricane tragedies of Harvey, Irma, and Maria we please ask, if you are able, to help and assist in this SEIU relief effort.

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SEBAC and NP-2 Tentative Agreements

Click on these three links to review the:

2017 SEBAC Tentative Agreement


NP-2 Memorandum of Understanding


NP-2 full tentative agreement

In Solidarity,

Ron McLellan

SEBAC and NP-2 Contract Q&A

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Healthcare Q&A

Medicare Advantage Q&A

Impact on Future Retirees Q&A

SEBAC Framework Document







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