Dear Members,

This dispute between Anthem and the Hartford HealthCare group is not specific to the State of Connecticut health plan; it affects all Anthem subscribers in the state.

Please click here to read the Comptrollers memo in detail to make decisions and see how they will impact your family. We hope that the parties resolve this dispute soon. We will update you as information becomes available.

In solidarity,

Ron McLellan

Brothers and Sisters:

With the hurricane tragedies of Harvey, Irma, and Maria we please ask, if you are able, to help and assist in this SEIU relief effort.

Please click on this link if you would like to contribute.

Member Action Needed!

Adopted Republican Budget

While most of the state was sleeping in the early morning hours on Saturday, September 16th, the Republicans (with the help of a few Democrats), passed an anti-worker budget that:

  • Attacks collective bargaining
  • Eliminates benefits for State workers
  • Violates the 2017 SEBAC Agreement
  • Violates the State Constitution
  • Decimates the funding for University of Connecticut and the UConn Health Center
  • Attacks the wages of construction workers
  • Guts our Clean Election Program
  • Raises taxes on the working poor
  • Makes the state’s future fiscal problems worse

Senate YES votes: All Republicans and 3 Democrats – Paul Doyle, Joan Hartley, and Gail Slossberg

House YES votes: All Republicans and 6 Democrats – Danny Rovero, Pay Boyd, John Hampton, Christine McCarthy-Vahey, Lonnie Reed, and Kim Rose

Please:  call the Governor’s office at (860) 566-4840 as soon as possible and urge him to VETO this anti-worker budget!!

CEUI 50th Anniversary Celebration

Click here to purchase your tickets online.

SEBAC and NP-2 Tentative Agreements

Click on these three links to review the:

2017 SEBAC Tentative Agreement


NP-2 Memorandum of Understanding


NP-2 full tentative agreement

In Solidarity,

Ron McLellan

SEBAC and NP-2 Contract Q&A

Click on the links below for the Framework and Q & A documents.

SEBAC Framework Next Steps Q&A

Healthcare Q&A

Medicare Advantage Q&A

Impact on Future Retirees Q&A

SEBAC Framework Document







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