Anti contracting out legislation SB 439

Working to rein in contracting out

SB 439-An act concerning the state contracting standards  board and requirements for privatization contracts

The proposed legislation will:

  • Privatization contract definition shall include: any procurement contract for which subsequent related services the total cost of which exceeds $50,000
  • Contracting agency will include any quasi-public agency created to provide financing for any such constituent unit and any quasi-public agency not specifically excluded under this chapter
  •  No privatization contract shall be valid unless at least thirty days prior to execution of such contract, all certifications required must be posted on the state contracting portal
  •  If the contract is for a total amount more than $1,000,000 the agency shall also provide a business case for such privatization including a cost-effectiveness
  •  If there are no savings to the state if the contract is performed by state employees the state contracting agency shall not enter into such contract without providing a written report why despite lack of savings and must receive written authorization
  •  Each constituent unit of the state system of higher education shall propose regulations and the board shall adopt them

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