Latest SEBAC update March 18,2016

Brothers and Sisters,

At the time the last Union update dated March 9, 2016 that was mailed on March 14th to CEUI members, there had been no request from the Malloy Administration to discuss the SEBAC agreement that expires in 2022. On March 14th a letter was sent from Lisa Grasso Egan to Dan Livingston to request opening discussions on that agreement. Attached is her letter and the SEBAC leadership response letter rejecting her request.

Below is a statement in regard to the SEBAC position.

SEBAC, through Chief Negotiator Daniel E. Livingston, responded clearly and unequivocally that union leadership would welcome an opportunity to meet with the State but does not have the authorization of our elected rank-and-file leadership to enter into any discussions about reopening the 2011 agreement.

SEBAC union leadership understands the gravity of the Governor’s request to meet. But Governor Malloy’s proposal to balance the budget at our expense, diminish or reduce State services and lay off thousands of employees will hurt both our economy and our most vulnerable residents, further hastening Connecticut’s race to the bottom.

Not only that, State workers have given back at 30 times the rate as CEOs and hedge fund managers. All working families contribute taxes at nearly twice the rate that that millionaires and billionaires do to fund vital services. It’s time to stop using State employees as a punching bag and start pushing for a revenue system that asks our wealthiest and most successful individuals to pay their fair share.

So, while SEBAC leadership is not authorized to reopen the 2011 agreement, we hope the Administration will agree to meet so we can discuss concrete and substantive ways to fix the budget deficit. The 2011 agreement already provides some of those ways.

Be sure to check the Union website and Facebook pages for further updates, as well as additional e-mails with fact sheets, messages for reaching our legislators, and notifications of upcoming events, including the March 29 Public Safety Coalition Rally and the April 4 D.U.E. Justice March and Rally for Fairness. PLEASE REMEMBER TO RETURN THE SURVEY THAT WAS MAILED TO CEUI MEMBERS IN REGARD TO COMMUNICATIONS AND ATTENDING EVENTS

In solidarity,

Ron McLellan, President

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