CEUI SEIU Local 511 sends a message


The rank and file members and staff who came to the Capitol on April 13 and 20th talked to the following state legislators:

Name House/senate District
Alexander, David House 5
Aresimowicz, Joe House 30
Baker, Andre House 124
Bartolomeo, Dante Senate 13
Berger, Jeffrey House 73
Butler, Larry House 71
Bye, Beth Senate 5
Byron, Gary House 27
Nicastro, Frank House 79
Dillon, Pat House 92
Haddad, Greg House 54
Hartley, Joan Senate 15
Hennessey, Jack House 127
Hewett, Ernie House 39
Lesser, Matt House 100
Lopes, Rick House 24
Morin, Russ House 28
Morris, Bruce House 140
Mushinsky, Mary House 85
Porter, Robyn House 94
Ritter, Matt House 1
Rosario, Chris House 128
Santiago, Ezekiel House 130
Tercyak, Peter House 26
Vargas, Ed House 6
Zoni, Dave House 81


“It was an eye opener to see and hear what goes on at the Capitol on a daily basis and I think being there in person really gets the message out to our legislators. We voted a lot of them in and want them to do their best to honor our bargaining process and our contract agreement and what better way to do that than in person”

Doug Racicot, Uconn-Storrs

Have you called, emailed or written to your senator or representative?  Tell them:

  • The 2011 settlement should be honored
  • Don’t make 45,000 public employees and important programs the scapegoats for a bad tax system
  • Look for revenue from the 1% not working people
  • good jobs for all workers

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