budget and layoff update May 6,2016

Budget Update:

The Legislative Session ended on Wednesday, May 4th without a passed budget.  The Legislature is expected to be called back in for a Special Session by the end of next week.  The budget proposals presented so far could have a devastating impact on state employees and the vital public services we provide.

Please contact your local legislator and let your voice be heard. We have attached some talking points for you to use when you contact your legislator, as well as the main telephone numbers for the democratic and republican caucus offices.

If you do not know who your legislator is, either contact Political Director Jim Vigue at (860) 343-8736 or check here:  https://www.cga.ct.gov/asp/menu/cgafindleg.asp

Layoff Update:

As of the end of this week, the NP-2 unit has received 49 notices of layoff.  In addition to the agencies noticed last week, we had 24 members in DDS receive layoff notices.  As was the case last week, those notices ranged from members who had 1 year of state service to some that had close to 30 years of state service.

We have not been notified of any more upcoming layoffs as of today but we will notify members if that changes.

A Prohibited Practice Complaint was filed with the State Labor Board regarding the State’s violation of Article 13, Section 3 of the contract involving the 10 day notice before layoffs.  A preliminary conference for that complaint has been scheduled for May 26th.

If the current budget is approved, we expect many more layoffs to occur.

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