Layoff and Budget Update May 20,2016

The legislature passed a budget on Friday, May 13th which calls for significant budget cuts in almost every agency. This budget is extremely bad for state employees and it is expected that this budget will create significantly more layoffs state-wide. At this point, many agencies are still reviewing their budget cuts and are making plans regarding personnel cuts.  We expect to hear more in the coming weeks as to what effect cuts will have on the NP-2 unit.

In the meantime, layoffs are still being issued at some agencies. On Wednesday, May 18th,  24 more NP-2 members from DDS received notice of layoff.  Our total number of laid off members is now 70 permanent employees and 4 durational employees.   Starting next week, members who were noticed several weeks ago will begin meeting with their agencies and the Union to determine their full opportunities for vacancies, bumping, and/or re-employment list status.  We have been working around the clock to ensure that all affected members are provided every possible opportunity that they have a contractual right to.

The prohibited practice we filed against the state regarding the 10 day notice issues will begin being heard by the Labor Board on Thursday, May 26th.  We have also filed other grievances related to the treatment of employees in agencies where layoffs have occurred due to changes in work schedule, shifts, and other related concerns members have.


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