NO discussions or negotiations being had with the Lamont Administration

Hello CEUI Brothers and Sisters,

Many of you may have seen recent news articles indicating that the recently passed State budget included $450 million in savings related to State employees. This has resulted in many calls from members, concerned that there are more concessions being negotiated.

Let me be clear —there are NO discussions or negotiations occurring with the Lamont Administration.

The $450 million savings that is referenced refers to the following:

  • The re-amortization of the pension plan that was approved several years ago to level out the funding into the plan.

  • The Comptroller has projected savings in the healthcare plan due to proactive changes being made to better manage the plan, including prescription drug pricing.

None of these savings result in any change to active and retired members benefits.

Should you have further questions, please feel free to call me at (860) 343-8718.

In solidarity,

Carl Chisem